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David McClay, SAMS® AMS®

Principal Marine Surveyor
ABYC Master Technician
Cell: 631-764-7842, Home/Office: 631-757-9415

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Marine Surveys by QBC Marine Surveys, David McClay, SAMS® AMS®, Northport, New York, USA Like most surveyors, David McClay has had a lifelong relationship with boats, but his background is probably a little different than most.

He has been a boat carpenter since 1973, which has given him an intimate knowledge of how boats are built and where problems are likely to occur. He has built masts, laid keels, installed engine beds, replaced transoms and planks, and designed and built interiors. He also took the Westlawn course in yacht design, which gave him a theoretical as well as a nuts and bolts understanding of boats and their systems. From 1980 to 2004 he was a yacht measurer for US Sailing, which required a lot of involvement with cutting edge design and technology in the realm of sailboat racing. He got started as a surveyor in 1980 when he realized that he could get paid for answering all those questions that boat owners kept asking him whenever he was working on a boat. He joined SAMS© in 1995 as an Accredited Marine Surveyor. Although he prefers sailboats himself, he now surveys equal numbers of power and sail. He also gets referrals from other surveyors who don't feel competent with wood construction. While most of the 170 to 200 surveys performed each year are pre-purchase, he also does a lot of claims work for insurance companies, and insurance surveys for boat owners looking to renew their policies, as well as the occasional valuation survey for donations and legal requirements. He currently holds ABYC Master Technician status, with certifications in electrical, corrosion, and standards.

While most marine surveys are done on Long Island, New York, David regularly travels to jobs in Connecticut and New Jersey. Some of the boats recently surveyed include: O'Day 272, Tiara 3100, Nonesuch 30, Norsea 27, Bristol 477, J-33, Catalina 387, Beneteau 405, Pearson 36, Morgan 45, Hunter 31, C&C Landfall 35, Catalina 30, Marine 0 Trader 35, Catalina 27, Tiara 3100, Catalina 310, Pearson 10M, Catalina 36, Tartan 3800, Sabre 28, Seaway 310, O'Day 31, Catalina 42, Sabre 38, Luhrs 25, Hunter 336, Ranger 33, Seaway 48, Beneteau 34, Island Packet 35 Catamaran, Seaway 34, J-105, 43' Egg Harbor, Tayana 48, 36' Chris Craft, Beneteau 47, 25' home-built folding trimaran.

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