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David McClay, SAMS® AMS®

Principal Marine Surveyor
ABYC Master Technician
Cell: 631-764-7842, Home/Office: 631-757-9415

The Cost of Marine Surveys
The cost of a survey varies in accordance with a number of factors. The size of the vessel is the main determining factor. Larger boats are almost always more complicated, with air conditioner(s), generators, multiple engines, extensive and redundant electronics, etc.

The age of the vessel is also a factor. A newer boat will likely have everything in working order, whereas an older boat may require some puzzling out of owner-installed items, abandoned wiring, layers of dirt obscuring the true condition, etc.

The type of survey required is also a factor in the cost, as is the location of the survey. Fees can be charged on a per foot basis, or by the hour, depending on the situation.

Please phone or email for more detailed information related to your specific request.

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