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David McClay, SAMS® AMS®

Principal Marine Surveyor
ABYC Master Technician
Cell: 631-764-7842, Home/Office: 631-757-9415

About David McClay
Marine Survey Experience:

Self-employed as a surveyor since 1995, with part time survey work beginning in 1980. Accredited Marine Surveyor® with SAMS® since 1995. The majority of his work is pre-purchase surveys, on power and sailboats up to 80'. He also does insurance and insurance claims work. Previous to this he was self employed as a boat carpenter, which involved design, estimating, repair, and construction. From 1980 to 2004 he was a yacht measurer for US Sailing, and measured boats under the IOR and IMS rules.

Education (Ongoing):
1970 B.A. Dartmouth College, majors in math and psychology
1975-1980 Westlawn School of Yacht Design
2/93 Legnos fiberglass theory and repair estimation
2/94 Derecktor's aluminum boatbuilding seminar
10/94 Polaroid school of law enforcement imaging
3/97 Carbon fiber spar construction seminar
3/98 Galvanic corrosion seminar - Atlantic City
11/98 SAMS annual meeting and seminars in Salem Massachusetts
2/99 Westlawn school electrical course
3/00 Doyle Sails seminar and Hale propeller seminar
1/01 Viking and Ocean Yacht seminar
4/01 Diesel Engine survey seminar at Engine Technical Institute
4/02 Fire investigation and legal issues in surveying seminar
1/03 Expert witness and insurance claims seminar
1/03 Knox Marine claims conference
10/03 SAMS® annual meeting and seminars in Norfolk, Virginia
4/04 Oil analysis and protection and indemnity seminar
12/04 Sea Ray balsa core research presentation
12/05 Composite construction and repair seminar in Hingham, Massachusetts
3/06 First Marine Insurance outdrive damage seminar in Mystic, Connecticut
10/06 SAMS® annual meeting in Portland, Maine
11/06 Electrical survey seminar in Mt. Sinai, New York
2/07 ABYC standards course in St. Michaels, Maryland
1/08 SAMS® report writing seminar in Mystic Connecticut
11/10 SAMS® regional meeting in Mystic, Connecticut. Cored composite construction; propeller design and issues
3/11 FLIR infrared camera technology demonstration in Plainview, New York
6/11 American Society of Appraisers USPAP course at Pratt Institute, New York, New York
12/11 Corrosion Seminar in Mt. Sinai, New York
3/12 ABYC electrical certification
5/12 ABYC standards recertification
10/12 SAMS® annual meeting and seminars
12/14 SAMS® Northeast Regional meeting, Mount Sinai, NY. Electrical systems, outboards, outdrives, IPS drives.
3/16 ABYC corrosion certification
3/16 ABYC Master Technician certification.

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